• The Heart of Camden - The Story of Father Michael Doyle | Official Trailer

    As a young priest, Father Michael J. Doyle came to the U.S. from rural Ireland in 1959, bringing with him a joyful disposition, a fervent Catholic faith and an unwavering determination to help his congregation and community. These traits were put to the test in Camden, where he found himself conf...

  • Valley Girls | Official Trailer

    Maya and Jenny are best friends who end up crushing on the same guy, but when he asks Maya to Prom, their friendship changes.

  • Pastiche | Official Trailer

    After a home invasion, a depressed father must save his family, or they'll be premiered in the prime time news.

  • Loft202 | Official Trailer

    Loft202 is a narrative short film that depicts the vulnerability of a single female who lives alone. With high suspense and plot twists, this short film doesn't pull any punches.

  • When The Music Changes | Official Trailer

    Devy is an Indian American filmmaker who goes to India to shoot a documentary and also meet her long distance boyfriend. Trying to keep her sanity while dealing with elements of toxicity around her Devy is at a crossroads in life. An unforeseen incident wipes away her blurry thoughts and brings o...

  • Bad Suns | Official Trailer

    Los Angeles 2028 – Freedom has a cost. And for Jake, mourning after the loss of his wife and child, prepares a quick solo exit out of the desolate city until he meets a young girl in desperate need to reunite with her mother. They begin their dangerous journey across lawless desert terrain, headi...

  • Starfish | Official Trailer

  • Reveal | Official Trailer

    When a young man takes his boyfriend to his conservative family's gender reveal, their relationship is tested by both the familial expectations and the truth of being who they are.

  • Screen Girl | Official Trailer

    A depressed and lonely young man suffers the weight of isolation until he meets and falls in love with an online streamer.

  • Kiss the Ground | Official Trailer

    A revolutionary group of activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians band together in a global movement of "Regenerative Agriculture" that could balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world.

  • Without A Whisper | Official Trailer

  • Life Appointment | Official Trailer

    A man in his seventies suffering from loneliness blames himself for the past and gets into a life changing situation.

  • Early Light | Official Trailer

  • Roam 4 Wild | Official Trailer

  • Jade Doskow, Photographer Of Lost Utopias | Official Trailer

    Architectural works from past World’s Fair expositions are aspirational visions, but most were meant to be temporary. Filmmaker Philip Shane follows large-format photographer Jade Doskow on her 10-year quest to capture the monumental remnants worldwide. Shane follows her devotion to these decayin...

  • Sam's Decision | Official Trailer

    The short film “Sam’s Decision” tells the story of a college student who feels that his life is falling apart and decides to bring to his school something he feels will fix all his problems, a gun.

  • Artificial Souldier | Official Trailer

    An insurgent scientist turns a soldier into the ultimate war machine to avenge his parents death.

  • Hockey 24 | Official Trailer

    On November 17th, 2019, Canadians from coast to coast to coast joined award-winning documentary filmmakers for a once-in-a-lifetime event: to film a day in the life of community hockey. This is that day.

  • April Kills The Vibe | Official Trailer

  • Killing Small Animals | Official Trailer

    77d565a299 poster
    This is a film about a woman who, on the surface, has everything. But something seems to be missing, perhaps the longing for a child who has died or never been born. Suddenly the emptiness, the feeling of how unhappy she really is, comes crashing down. When she kills a butterfly...

  • Grandpa's Long March | Official Trailer

    Grandpa’s Long March is a heartwarming road trip story about a
    Chinese veteran suffering from Alzheimer's, his journey to reunite with his grandson who goes to college in Los Angeles, with the help from some people he might just have a chance to celebrate the Spring Festival together.

  • Black Heart Red Hands | Official Trailer

  • Touch | Official Trailer

    Fei Fei, a married Caucasian western woman living in a small town in China with her family, meets Bai Yu, a Chinese blind masseur, and the two are powerfully drawn to one another. Against all odds, they come together in an intense love affair -- a turning point in both their lives from which ther...

  • A Good Partner | Official Trailer

    Detective Patrick Murphy uncovers a conspiracy in his department that could go all the way to the top.