April Kills The Vibe

April Kills The Vibe

When party girl April wakes up after a rowdy New Year’s eve with a lot more than just a hangover, she calls her partner in crime, Lola, to try to fill in the blanks. But the truth is uglier than April bargained for, and she is forced to confront her demons.

April Kills The Vibe
  • April Kills The Vibe

    What are our responsibilities to our friends- especially on a wild night out?
    After a rowdy New Year’s Eve in Hollywood, party girl April wakes up and realizes she’s been sexually assaulted. Spiraling and unclear on what happened, she does her best to hide it from her sober, responsible boyfriend...


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    Bonnie McKee made a name for herself as a pop songwriter, writing 10 #1 hit songs for the charting topping stars of the past decade, and for her own career as an indie pop artist. After years of packing big emotional stories into tidy 31/2 minute songs and creating her own colorful music videos, ...